From Now On Lets Get the Full Story

One of the great things that comedies and comedians do is bring light to a lot of issues going on in the world. Unlike the news comedy brings a whole new perspective on these issues and it reaches the part of the population who don’t enjoy watching the news. The biggest problem with this is when the idea of the single story comes into play.

Back in 2009 a novelist named Chimamanda Adichie discussed the danger of a single story. This is basically when the media or even just other people feed you only one perception of something or someone and it only gives you a narrow version of the truth. Comedy is one of the biggest offenders of giving a narrow focus on topics.

Recently, across all different forms of comedy from television to memes the election is the main topic. The only problem is each one of these outlets all discuss and make fun of the same thing. It’s all Donald Trump’s ridiculousness and Hilary Clinton’s stiffness. There is very little traffic on the actual issues and policies that the candidates are discussing.

There has been so much focus on how this election has been just like a horrible sitcom gone wrong. That is extremely dangerous. There is a substantial amount of people who are going into this election and voting based on which candidate they hate less. With a bunch of people not taking this election seriously the wrong person could easily be the next President of the United States.

It could cause grand scale things to happen like losing one of our allies or it could be as home base as un-legalizing gay marriage. Either way, comedy, has a huge impact on peoples’ opinions so having a narrow view can be dangerous. A single story is dangerous.


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  1. Great Post! I like how you used great structure, and I like how you related the “danger of a single story” comedy skits to the election.

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  2. Great Post. I like how you added the fact that no one is taking this election seriously and how it is more of a comedy sketch. When do you think people will stop looking at it as less of a comedy sketch and more of an election.


  3. karina says:

    This was a very well thought out post and a great read. the presidential election is definitely a single story that could have detrimental effects on not just everyone individually, but the country as a whole and I really enjoyed reading your take on it. Well done!


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